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Two CMS websites, fully integrated with third party systems;

Set in 25 beautiful acres alongside the River Themes, The Lensbury Hotel is the largest hotel in the Borough of Richmond. With a passion to 'Deliver Exceptional Experience' The Lensbury offers an impressive Corporate Centre, comprising 31 considerable meeting rooms, together with a renown Premium Leisure Club. Offering indoor and outdoor pools, spa, racket sports, water sports centre, a ruby pitch, 19 tennis courts, 3 crèches and 105 organised classes per week, among other things, it's not surprising that The Lensbury Club boasts over 9,000 members. The Lensbury also enjoys a longstanding history as a favoured location for world class athletes, including international tennis pros, ruby teams and endurance athletes, to mention just a few.

Would we recommend Yammayap? I would say without doubt; Their impressive interpretive skills, their creativity and a highly responsive team. They never let us down.

Maugie Lyons, Sales & Marketing Director

The Requirement

As designers and developers for both websites; The Lensbury Hotel and Conference Centre and The Lensbury Club, we needed to create two symbiotically related sites, written for similar audiences with three distinctly different requirements. With we needed to address the needs of the Traveller/Corporate Client. With we were addressing both the potential member and the member themselves. In terms of design, The Lensbury's stunning setting, facilities and exceptionally high standard of presentation, meant that we were spoilt for imagery, however the fun from a developers perspective, really began with what was required behind the scenes.

The Requirement

The Approach

The key to truly exploiting these websites to deliver maximum functionality lay in the integration of existing and third party systems. serves as the front portal for the hotel and conference centre. Not only must it contain all the information a prospective guest will require, but it must also be inclusive of a powerful booking system, GDS (Global Distribution System) as well as integrate seamlessly with third party booking agencies.

The Approach

The website for The Lensbury Club require two parts; an impressive display of the extensive leisure facilities available to prospective members, as well as a members-only, password restricted area, teaming with all the information on classes and events as well as dates and fixtures for the many 'sub-clubs', for example the sailing club and bridge clubs. A further crucial element of was an online class booking facility, designed to relieve the volume of calls the Club received and streamline the booking process. Finally, given the continually changing rhythms of the hotel, conference centre and leisure club, with frequently changing Events, Promotions, News, Schedules etc. it was vital that both websites comprise powerful CMS (Content Management Systems), which naturally we choose WordPress for.

The Result

"This is not least because being written in WordPress, they give us plenty of scope to instantly update them in-house. Add to this the swift and knowledgeable support we receive from Yammayap, means that I have, and continue to recommend them."

"I have worked with Yammayap for many years now, on other projects as well as this one and they never let me down. I trust in their design flare, technical knowhow and eye for detail. More importantly I trust that the end result will serve us well; if you're going to invest in a website, then you need a quality build, something that will last more than 6 months. Not only are the team at Yammayap responsive and easy to work with, but their websites are reliable. We choose to work with them time and again, and that really says it all."

The Requirement

The Result

"The creation of both Lensbury websites ran absolutely smoothly; Yammayap have a great ability to simply crack on with stuff, with is particularly impressive given the requirement for managing third party suppliers; integrating databases and external booking systems etc. Yammayap successfully interpreted the demands of the membership supplier; in my experience businesses are not always great at talking to each other and making integration work, but for Yammayap it presented no problem, they were able to translate and simply made it happen."

"Their ability to deliver within a quick time frame makes a big difference, as does their whole attitude – it is hard to find creative's who design so well, but at the same time really listen to what we want. So many just want to do things their way, rather than understanding our business. Yammayap say 'let us play' and then they always deliver; they have the software to step in and make it work, to copy our in-house style and really help us out. Exceptional."

Additional Work

“We continue to enjoy a good working relationship with Yammayap. We have a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), which includes Yammayap Support and I will say they are always very quick to react. Plus they are very hot on Data Protection, which was crucial when setting up the ‘opt out’ functionality within our e-shot templates, which Yammayap designed for us.”

“We find they go above and beyond to extend an exceptional service, often undertaking work outside of contract because they know they can help. For example when the designer of our 11,000 recipient newsletter was indisposed and his replacement was on annual leave, James stepped in and was able to copy our in-house style and complete the work on time to make it too the printers. To us this makes them so much more than just web designers.”

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